On-Page SEO

On-page SEO should play a huge role in your overall marketing strategy. In the hands of a professional, on-page SEO will boost your visibility considerably and, just as importantly, not impinge on how your site is perceived by visitors.

At Search Dart, we’re proficient with all aspects of on-page SEO, from initial keyword research to the optimization of images. We’ll let you know about every vital aspect of on-page SEO we can perform below, but if you’d instead prefer to speak with someone directly, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What is Technical SEO?

On-page SEO is one of three major SEO types, the other two being off-page SEO and technical SEO. It is also the most visible form of SEO, as it will affect the way in which your site looks, as well as the copy found on every page. However, there’s no need to worry about on-page SEO hampering your website’s UX or design – our experts will ensure that full functionality of your site is retained, or even enhanced.

You’ll find that on-page SEO is the first type of search engine optimization you come across when developing a website. In fact, the work will start way before your website goes live, with your SEO experts analyzing huge numbers of keywords, finding ones you can successfully challenge for straight away. Without strong on-page SEO from the outset, your website will find itself fighting an uphill battle to gain relevance and visitors.


Your On-Page SEO Audit

Before we start working on your on-page SEO strategy, we’ll need to perform an audit. This audit is completely free and without obligation and allows us to form a complete picture of how your site is functioning currently. We are then able to use this data to create a strong plan on how to effectively implement on-page SEO strategies at your website.

Your on-page SEO audit will be performed by an experienced SEO professional. We’ll share everything we’ve learned from the audit with you, and you can then decide whether to work alongside us to implement the recommend strategies.

If requested, we can also carry out audits of your off-page SEO and technical SEO at the same time, which will provide the best possible picture of your site’s current SEO efforts, whether deliberate or accidental.

On-Page SEO Services Available

As we’ve already mentioned, there are several tasks that all come together to make a complete on-page SEO strategy. We’ve outlined the most important on-page SEO strategies we offer below.

Thorough Keyword Research

Everything starts with keyword research. It’s the bulwark of all SEO and, when done right, will give your site an impressive edge over competitors. However, if it’s ignored, your entire content production process will be untargeted and, ultimately, unproductive.

Our SEO experts will spend hours on end poring over various tools, all with the goal of identifying the best keywords to use on various pages on your site. Get it right and targeted traffic will flow, but get it wrong and you’ll only see a trickle of disinterested visitors heading to your website.

Creation of Content Plan

Once we have identified all available keywords for your niche, we’ll set about working on a content plan. This will detail exactly how we’re going to manage the rollout of content on your website and is therefore an exceptionally important document.

The content plan will start with the copy for all your website’s pages, before then moving onto the production of blog articles for your site. Continuous publication of new content is vital to SEO, which is why we’ll encourage all clients to implement a blog as a matter of urgency. After all, without regular content being published, how do the search engines know your site is still relevant?

Writing Keyword-Rich Content

Once that content plan has been finalised, our copywriters will set about constructing the content for your site. When doing this, they will include all keywords identified in previous research, both in the main copy and in several headers. What’s more, they’ll include various synonyms of your keywords, along with LSIs – terms that are intrinsically linked to your keyword.

However, it can’t be forgotten that the main purpose of copy is to resonate with readers. So, our copywriters will write for real people first and foremost, and will never disrupt the user experience by shoehorning keywords into every sentence. The result? Content that’s loved by both readers and search engines alike.

Optimisation of Images

Images play a large role on every page. We’ll start by looking for images that really add to the page’s content – images that inform, inspire or invoke any other desired reaction from the reader. However, that’s not all, as we’ll also optimise the image before uploading – a very important step that can’t be ignored.

Firstly, we’ll ensure the image is compressed and therefore as small as possible. Smaller images take less time to load, and if you’ve read our page on technical SEO, you’ll know that loading time is exceptionally important. What’s more, we’ll also update all alt text and title text, plus we’ll optimise any captions and add any required structured data.

Create Cohesive Internal Linking Strategy

Linking together your website’s pages is exceptionally important. By connecting them in a structured manner, you’ll enhance the user experience, plus you’ll also ensure your website is as easy as possible for crawlers to index.

What’s more, the wording of every link is exceptionally important, and something we spend a long time planning. Link to another page using a specific word or phrase and search engines will further associate the target page with that specific word or phrase. As you might imagine, this enhances SEO efforts and forces websites further up rankings for targeted search terms.

Optimise All URLs

Another vitally important aspect of on-page SEO is URL optimisation. Many will simply use the URL their CMS creates for them, but this can be a huge mistake. Instead, thorough thought needs to go into URL creation.

When we create URLs, we ensure that the URL in question includes the main keyword being targeted by the page. We also remove any superfluous words from the URL, to streamline it – something that assists with the user experience, as well as the overall SEO effort.

Create Optimised Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are the snippets of information displayed about a site on search engines, and they’re unbelievably important. Firstly, they’re vital as they tell searchers what they’ll find on your site, so they need to be optimised to appeal to the searcher. You can think of them as your shop window, showing visitors what they can expect to find when they go through the door.

What’s more, meta data is incredibly important for search engines, as they use the content contained within the meta as a guide to what the page is about. So, it really pays to optimise meta with a page’s most important keywords.

On-Site, Off-Site and Technical SEO in One All-Encompassing
SEO Strategy

As already mentioned, on-page SEO is only one part of an SEO triangle. Each of these three SEO disciplines is absolutely vital to the success of a website, and therefore can’t be ignored. This is why many of our clients choose to roll all three SEO types into one package and have us take overall control of their entire SEO strategy.

The benefits to having one company dealing with all your SEO are clear to see. Of these, the most important is the cohesion it brings to your strategy, as we’re able to complement efforts in one type of SEO with what we do in the others. The result? A much stronger SEO strategy and therefore better results for you.

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If you’re looking to boost your website’s visibility in search engines, a complete on-page SEO strategy is the first place to start. Our experience allows us to both plan and execute this strategy on your behalf, driving your website up the rankings in the process.

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