Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation should be part of everyone’s business strategy. When you engage Search Dart for this service, you’ll see a marked increase in your conversions, and that can only be a great thing for your business.

We take a structured approach to increasing your website’s conversions, looking at everything from the user experience to the use of sales funnels. Once we’re finished, you’ll have a finely tuned website, perfectly optimised to convert the visitors you’ve spent so much time and money attracting.

You can use our conversion rate optimisation expertise as a stand-alone service, or alternatively, roll it into a package containing other Search Dart specialties, such as search engine optimisation and copywriting. Why not give us a call today and find out more about combining our services into one handy package?

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation – often referred to simply as CRO – is simple to define: it’s the practice of increasing the percentage of people visiting your site who turn into conversions.

A conversion can be one of many things. Most commonly, a conversion is a visitor purchasing one or more of the goods or services you sell, but it can also be people leaving email addresses, watching a video, or much more.

Where CRO gets more complex is in its methodologies, of which there are many. However, we concentrate heavily on data analysis, utilising all available analytics and business intelligence gathered from several highly regarded tools.

The data tells us a huge amount. We can see where people arrive at your site, where they leave, their age range, the devices they use, and much more. We can take this data and use it to inform us about areas in which your site needs to be altered, after which we’ll take action and carry out the identified improvements.

Your Free CRO Audit

Are you wondering whether your site is optimised perfectly, or whether it needs some changes to boost conversions? If so, there’s a simple and cost-free way to find out: our free CRO audit. We’d be happy to go over your site and point out areas in which your customer experience and sales funnels could be enhanced. To find out more, just give Contact Us

Boost SEO Efforts Via CRO

Conversion rate optimisation isn’t just about tweaking your website to best capture conversions. It is also a highly effective SEO tool, which will increase your SERPs and therefore drive more traffic to your website.

There are several ways in which CRO can boost your SEO efforts, some of which we’ve explained below.

  • Improved customer experience
    Visitors will enjoy using your website much more, leading to them staying longer and often browsing through several pages. This increase in engagement and decrease in bounce rate will signal to search engines that your site is a great match to the specific search term, leading the search engine to rank the site higher.
  • Enhanced customer information
    By ramping up the information you know about your customers, you’re giving your SEO team a better picture of who uses your site and who converts. They can then take this and apply methods to attract the kind of visitors who regularly turn into conversions.
  • Boosted return on investment
    We know that SEO can be a pricey service, so you want to get the biggest bang for your buck possible. Using CRO will cause more conversions from the visitors attracted by SEO, leading to a better ROI and the ability to plough this extra money into more search engine optimisation.

As we often evangelise, all the services we offer can intertwine with one another. SEO impacts web design, CRO impacts SEO, and so on. This is why we’d encourage you to roll your various marketing efforts into one package with Search Dart.

Find Out More About Conversion Rate Optimisation Today

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